Static Rendering with Laravel

An unexpected surprise

I originally redesigned Killrbuckeye's using laravel + bootstrap. Laravel was total overkill as it's a static site, however Given that I was already equipped to deploy laravel sites it was the easiest solution available to me at the time.

Recently I've opted to reduce my hosting footprint as 99.9% of the content I host is static. Instead of needing to rewrite the website in 11ty, which is great by the way, I found spatie/laravel-export.

Using laravel-export I was able to statically render the entire site with only a few hiccups.


Links to media such as tabs or songs caused 404's during the static export. I'm sure there's a more elegant way but my solution was just adding specific paths to be exported since there was a limited number of them.

All files under public are copied which made asset management super easy.

The end result is now I can build and push directly to cloudflare pages and not worry about hosting a full-fledged PHP application.

Someday I'll probably port the site over to 11ty to make things even easier to develop.