My Ethos

I am a craftsman. I am proud of the code I write and strive everyday to do better than the last.

I am an engineer. I apply my analytical mind to find solutions to problems.

I am part of a team. I communicate clearly and proactively. I strive for consistency and integrity of the creations of my team.

I am and always will be a student. I will keep the beginners mind by playing and experimenting without the fear of failure. There will always be things I have to learn and I will make mistakes, which develop me.

I am an optimist and a realist. I always apply this mission in good faith and to achieve great results together with my team. In doing so I am willing to learn and to teach. However, I acknowledge reality and respect mission statements of others. Because I will not violate my mission statement, I will leave every situation where my core values are not shared.

Work experience

I strive to keep LinkedIn up to date, therefore I ask that you refer to LinkedIn for my experience.

Notable Work

Kingston Developers

I joined Kingston Developers in 2014. I have helped organize presentation nights and in 2018 I took over as the lead organizer of the group.

We host monthly social meetups along with presentation days, where volunteer speakers present a topic or interest of theirs to the group. Our goal is to share knowledge and connect local developers to each other.


I joined Squadley as the lead developer in 2016. I've developed many of the features you see in Squadley today.

About Squadley

Built for teams and the enterprise, Squadley is a simple yet powerful planning and performance collaboration platform that drives engagement, focus and achievement.

Organizational plans come to life through one simple roadmap that finally bridges the strategy and execution gap. Role clarity, real time newsfeeds, dashboarding, micro-pulse feedback and virtual coach insights align effort, develops talent and flags execution risks.

It’s time for a fresh, integrated and data driven approach to solving the planning and performance problem. Squadley replaces the broken one-way flow of annual cycles with a transparent and dynamic ‘always on’ connected high performance experience.

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Architecture / Code as a craft